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Parisian Style

I have been to Paris six times and I plan to go back every year. How can I resist a place from which ultimate classic chic originated. I was wondering what difference there is between Paris and other European cosmopolitan cities. I take this question, travel there, and every time I effortlessly indulge myself in this Parisian style and timeless beauty. The pattern of the pavement, the color and artistic boutique window displays, the collections inside all the museums and the diversity of art galleries stretching across the city. Marvelous.

Every time my view about Parisian style is different, depending on which part of the city I visit during the trip. I can imagine many people will have the same feeling as I do, maybe that’s the reason the city allures me to hop up on the Thalys as soon as my agenda is marked as holiday.

I came across Little brown pen, a fine art photography and illustration boutique, founded by Nichole and Evan Robertson. I love Nichole’s eye for texture and angles for the Paris city. I can not agree more with their view of Paris: “the serendipitous discovery of color, texture and charm. It’s the little details that catch your eye and collectively create a memory of a stroll in the city.

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