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Styling bedroom part 1 – Creative custom wardrobes

For the past few weeks, I was busy hunting all sorts of furniture and decoration items for our new home. It is a 60m2 four-room apartment. As you can imagine, the size for each room is not that big. I have to use a lot of imagination to use the space very cleverly. Otherwise, the rooms will be cluttered and leave no space to breath.

I first made some general concepts on paper. If you want to style or re-style your home, it is important to also take your partner’s ideas into consideration and the function each space will be used for. Even though she or he might not be an expert, nevertheless you may have to think how to combine your ideas.

For the coming week, I will take your through my journey of styling our new home. I know that there are some people out there who have accomplished an Interior design degree with many years hands-on experience. For me, when styling a home, it is important to have your room reflect who you are, and make it welcome to anyone who steps into your home or sees photos of your home.

I went through the overall impression of the future rooms. Taking into consideration colour pallets, patterns, textures and materials to use in each room, measurements of all pieces of furniture, the amount and type of lights for the home, the textile and paintings for the final touch.

Today I will start part one: wardrobe. For me, it is important to have my wardrobe well organized. Life is hectic sometimes and messy, so I want to have my home well organized. And it starts with my wardrobe. We have a very long and narrow bedroom space, so first thing coming into my mind is to have some mirrors, a customized wardrobe that fits well, and smaller and less furniture in it to keep the feel of the space as open as possible.

I came across The Doors when I was searching customized wardrobes here. I would like to share this with you, if you are also looking for solutions for smaller space and bring function and style into your space. I personally like the combination of the Lindo and Mezzo wardrobe. The Lindo wardrobe has complete accessories for shoes, belts, ties, trousers and knitwear and it comes in very trendy colours for the sliding doors. Mezzo has a magnificent look with a clean cut, I love its’ simplicity and detail in design. The colour, the choice of material, dimensions and proportions are contemporary.

if you have a good idea about your perfect wardrobe, you can leave a comment and send your photo(s) to me at

Wish you a good weekend

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