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Styling bedroom part 2 – A comfortable bed is a must

As the project moves from the closet to the other part of the bedroom, a second thing came across my mind: the bed. I consider the aesthetics and function of the bed the most important factors in the search process.

First I did some online research, some familiar names such as Auping, Tempur and the website of Wehkamp came to mind. I kind of fell in love with the futon bed Tokyo. However after reading some reviews, it put me off. Then the Auping Match London collection, it has a modern and clean look. The leather-look material could be a nice match with our dark wooden floor, but its’ aluminum curved legs put me off.

The first time I came across M-Line was with a TV commercial, its’ simple slogan: Sleep well, Move better. I did not pay much attention afterwards to really look for that M-Line bed. Yesterday, after we finished our last paper with ABN AMRO for our mortgage, we found a bed shop next to the bank that stocked some nice beds. It was drizzling in the afternoon, I was not in the mood to test any mattress or make any efforts to take off my half-wet overcoat to find our ideal bed. But it turned out to be a good learning experience.

There was one bed with a very comfortable looking mattress that caught my eye, but I was doubting a bit perhaps I should come back on a more sunny day to test it. The shop owner was very friendly and encouraged us to have a try. I was not very impressed by a luxury box-spring bed. I don’t like a mattress that is too soft, and I know that if I can almost instantly fall asleep on the mattress, then it is a good one.

Surprisingly, the next one was so comfortable, it adjusted to my body position very quickly, as soon as I lay on it. To be honest, I almost fell asleep there. Later I found out that it was a visco-elastic foam mattress, originally developed for NASA.

I really love the choice of headboard for this bed and it has an extra board at the feet-end to hide the view of mattress and it fits perfectly with my colour pallet for the bedroom. I think that’s the one.

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  1. We continued our search and came across a shop that we have known for quite a while, but never went inside because it looked too expensive… A Japanese shop with a workplace in the back where they make Japanese furniture, by hand!

    So there it was, a beautiful futon bed, with a wide wooden frame around it, two headboards, round pillows and little bean pillows against them. Minimalistic, chique, descent and natural are the words that come to mind.

    We chose a dark finish to complement our wooden floor. The cotton ‘moton’ futon mattress arrived already and it sleeps great! It’s quite firm but that’s exactly the way we like it. And it looks beautiful as well. Can’t wait for the frame to arrive, they are making it for us now, then the picture is complete.

    Pagode bed from Kodama

    Check out Kodama > Futon beds. We got the Pagode

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