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Bedroom styling tips part 3: less is more

Bedroom styling – selection of the right closet is key.

Even though at first I liked customized closets to organize all our clothes and accessories. I had some tough decision to make over the Japanese bed (futon bed) and a modern M-line.

Finally chose the futon bed, a beautiful handmade bed with a wide wooden frame. With some trying and measuring it still fits perfectly in our little space. In order to maximize the view of the bedroom, specifically the view from our bedroom to our bedroom balcony, a Futon bed was the right choice. We planned the layout of the bed parallel to the balcony window. I imagined how it would be almost like heaven when you feel the sun shining through the curtains and open your balcony windows to breath the first breeze of air into your chest.

Second thing before we set out to the furniture shop, online or in the mall, we decided that we wanted to keep the bedroom simple and clean. It must be comfortable and easy to reach stuff when you need it. So there is no need for a chest, dresser or nightstands. We were lucky we have extra storage capacity in our bedroom from built-in closets. So we had some choices for the size of a wardrobe armoire, which would fit well with our Futon bed. I found a quite interesting one from Goossens Wonen en Slapen- a driftwood wardrobe and some faux-antique from Maisons Du Monde –an online shop. The rustic color of wood plus the detail of the lock makes us feel so us.

When you buy any furniture, the color, the texture, its’ material and shape all counts for the overall feeling of the bedroom. You want to let yourself feel comfortable, do not buy anything purely for esthetic value, you won’t feel comfortable using it. No matter what style you have in mind: Asian, Tuscan, Swedish, New York, Parisian, Bohemian, Eclectic Traditional, Contemporary, Modern, Urban Country, Industrial, Theatrical, Architectural, Retro or Crafted, please keep in mind that Less is more, you need to maximize the feeling of relaxation at your home, it is called H-O-M-E!

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