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Fabulous handmade art & crafts – tree branch artwork

I am always fascinated by the work that are hand-made, pay attention to detail. The world is moving in a vast speed, it is such a luxury thing if someone can take time to make some nice piece of art crafts. The human creations with the excellence, love and passion bring forward from the process of making it.

For Art & Crafts piece of creation, you don’t have to have a degree in Fine Art. A few years ago I started to make cards with letterpress during Christmas and New Year period, and making silkscreen for home textile, I become kind of obsessed with making things with paper and textile.

Here I would like to share some of them from me and other artists. For people who have the resources, I would like to take your creativity to the next level, I welcome you to join the community to appreciate the works from remarkable artisans and artists. I would like to introduce you to these talented artists and their work mostly. Besides that, I would suggest you to open your mind and soul to other creativities, check frequently other artists’ website, blogs or Etsy online store, visit galleries or crafts fair and get inspired.
First artist I would like to share is called Paul Lowe, he is a food and prop stylist and crafter who live and work in New York. Paul Lowe’s blog.

What I love about Sweetpaul blog is that most of the images are author’s own work. When you go through the line of his writing, you feel that you are well-connected with the work and can’t wait to come back to read more, I lovehis crafts work such as this tree branch with paper cut leaf. It is so simple but unique. What a great idea to have TREE BRANCH ART at your home.

Another project he did for COUNTRY LIVING is the cute pigeon deco. He made his own corsage with DELFT BLUE colored fabric. The scattered cute DELFT BLUE fabric accord with white and blue floral pattern ceramic at the background, so genius.

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