Healthy, easy and mouth watering traditional Chinese recipes

Food provides nutrition for our body. Everyday many people prepare different kinds of food with family or alone. Making food is just like making music or fragrance. You need to have different layers or notes to blend it. You need to strike the key elements of it and balance them with the rest. You need to have imagination. Let’s open our mind and get creativity going.

Food is a complex and global thing; on the one hand, it is also a very culturally influenced thing on the other hand. Many of us want to eat healthy and live happily. However some of us can’t make sense of all the difficult recipes and give up. They are replaced with simple microwave food from the supermarket due to the simple reason – no time to cook or I am exhausted from my work already. Maybe I will cook something nice in the weekend or with my family. My previous reason was that I didn’t have the proper ingredients to make my recipe work. Can you imagine what will happen if we keep on treating our bodies with malnutrition every day? How will your body react when you get older? Maybe it will be too late with all the different illnesses around us. Why don’t we start from today?

The reason why I keep on emphasizing the importance of making a good well-balanced nutritional meal is from my personal experience. I have been living in The Netherlands for almost for 11 years now. I moved from Shanghai in 2000 with two heavy suitcases of books, ingredients and clothes.

During the time of living here, I could not find the right time and right ingredients to make a proper (Chinese) meal and I was simply not ready for western food yet. I skipped breakfast and lunch, taking only fruits in some occasions and forced myself to eat some bread for the sake of not getting hungry. I cooked a lot in the evening because I got so hungry after a day of starving. I was pretty happy with the fact that I was not gaining any weight for the last 11 years. However in May 2009, just a few days before my wedding in Shanghai, I ended up in the emergency room. What a bad timing to get sick. Luckily I made it for the wedding though.

Since May 2009, there is one idea coming up to my head over and over again. I need to cook healthy and make more people aware of that. In January 2011 we moved to a new place, where I am able to grow my own herbs on my balcony and I am so happy with settling down here. I think maybe it is time to share some of my recipes that I have wanted to make since my childhood after watching my grandma and my aunts cook. I am so lucky to learn many recipes from my granny Juan and my aunts. I miss the time when we lighted the straw fire and cooked on a traditional village-cooking stove. At that time, we could hardly afford a camera to take some nice photos as we can do today.

I searched on some Chinese websites; finally I got some images from San Nong Culture Express to share with you how it looked like as a traditional village-cooking stove. It tastes so nice and you smell and taste the aroma of the authentic village ingredients. I get an appetite every time I think about it. So I will try to make something nice and healthy out of my limited resources here in Amsterdam. So let’s cook something really nice and tasty. Put your apron on and get your hands dirty. From time to time, I will share some of my Chinese recipes here and some I would like to save for my hand-made cooking book – Ping Cooks at Home.

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