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Stylish Kitchen Shelf arrangement

I like to collect all the nice cookware, table accessories and other aesthetic stuff which help me to make the dish look more tasty and make the table pretty. Over the years I collected a lot and at a certain point they didn’t get the attention they deserved in our apartment kitchen.

It is such a pity that most of your nice stuff is stored high up on a shelf or on top of each other. So what’s a possible solution for a small kitchen? Luckily my husband John is handy, he thought about it and made a new kitchen shelf in the kitchen where I can display my favorite accessories.

I assume many of us who enjoy cooking also have some utensils and know what it’s like to have a cluttered kitchen. As you usually cook every day, I can imagine that you would like to have all your sources, ingredients and groceries within reach. It is important to create a kitchen that’s clean, well organized and styled to make you feel comfortable. I personally like a shelf with a white background with some geometric lines. Here are a few to share with you from Livingetc, Katie Sellers, and Shoot factory.

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