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Wedding Flowers – Tips for Centerpieces

May is the month for weddings in The Netherlands. Our wedding was also in May. There are so many ways to make the wedding flower design simple yet have dazzling effects. But some preparations are needed in advance in order to make it work.

Today I will concentrate on Wedding Flowers- Tips for Centerpieces. There are many flowers that can be used for Centerpieces, depending on the season and the wedding palette. Personally I love the flowers that are arranged simply and elegantly. I don’t like gathering all the expensive flowers in one piece. Don’t even mention the color clashes. Pink brings romance. Here I have three different sorts of flowers on the Bride that can be used as the centerpiece. Dutch is famous for its tulip, and it is just simply elegant. Another well-known flower is cymbidium. Pink, white, yellow and green are all popular colors on the wedding flower lists. Its durable and have a fragrance historically referred to as an aphrodisiac. If you want to add a bit of Asian flair to your wedding, add Cherry Blossom to your party. Let’s have a “East Meets West” Wedding Theme.

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