Lovely wedding invitations – cute modern letterpress design

When I was requested by a friend of mine to make her wedding invitations this week, I was thinking of using a traditional print technique such as letterpress. I love letterpress, because the design is so abstract, the smell and texture of ink on the paper is so vivid. The letterpress work brings you the culture trends and its photopolymer plates made print sounds very technical. I think that when you receive a letterpress card, it lives up the promise of the nostalgia. Like any crafts work, each work is unique with a slight variation. One of a kind. Really.

I love letterpress work from Pistachio Press launched by Rachael Hetzel in 2007. Rachael applied her printmaking plus her Fine Art background into the studio. I love to see that she’s committed to use environmentally conscious practices by applying rubber-based inks and biodegradable citrus-based solvents for press cleaning. They print on 100% tree-free cotton paper or recycled paper that contain at least 30% post-consumer waste.

If you go through her projects, you will see a lot of cute designs with floral patterns and very dreamy lovely details.

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