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A feeling of a tropical paradise at home – color of turquoise

When I think of the color turquoise, it reminds me of the feeling of a tropical paradise, beach and relax holiday. Many people would like to have this kind of feeling at home. How will it work?

1) feeling of dreamy. You can try to apply some nature material, organic look if you prefer.

image: Phelan’s Interiors
Today is Friday, after a long working day, it ends here for the weekend. So looking forward to have a space which we all can recharge ourselves, and revitalizing and calming at same time. For choice of have a tropical paradise, you don’t need to paint whole house in that color. It is also nice to have a little tint of turquoise which can make you feel calm.

image: Elle Wonen
We call a space a home because it is full of love and life. No matter how big or small it is. If you feel the energy of love there, then it is your home.

image: lonny magazine

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