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A little flower girl

My childhood was great, I spent most of time in the countryside where I could breath the fresh air and watch the rice field. We were living in a little village in the city of Yu Yao, China. I always tried to locate where my village is on the map when I was a little girl. I thought our village is so big then. This is a nice dream of a little flower girl…..

I have always loved flowers since I was a little girl. I remember that every spring, I would ask my pap to get some flower seeds for me. I planted them in the little pot or sometimes just in the soil in the front of my house. Every day before I went to school, first thing I did is to check how was everything going with my flowers. I sang for my flower the new songs I just learned from school and counted new leaves and new buds, I loved to touch the freshly grown stems. They are so fragile and so strong at the same time. I laughed when I saw some flowers turned around to get more sunlight. I gave them water and food, I got a grim satisfaction out of seeing my flowers were growing in a good shape. I lived as though I was in a fairytale. I felt like a princess because I had my beautiful flowers.

Time flies….. At the age of 11, my father had a very bad car accident, I had to move back to Shanghai to live with my mom, who I did not see for almost 7 years. Everything changed so quickly, I had to adapt to my life in a big city again. Studying, making new friends, get to know the family etc etc. I did not have a chance to breath even. Everything went so fast. Certainly had no chance to have my own flowers. Only in the weekend, I insisted to go to the Hong Kou Park to see some flowers with my grandma. I sat there for a long time alone and talked to the flowers about my city life, and what I missed. (Tears are in my eyes when I was writing this line.)

Now I am in the Netherlands for almost 11 years. I love Holland, it grows so many flowers, and I even can grow my own flowers all season around. I can walk around the city at any moment of the day, there are so many flower shops or even our neighbors grow a lot of flowers or plants. I love the idea that I work in the flower business, I work as a freelancer to help a flower company doing wholesale business in China. I am in the flower auction since the first year I was here. It feels great. I do not talk to the flowers any more, I just grow them and make some nice photos for them. I make home fragrance and scented candles for ping living from flowers, give cooking workshop once a month with flowers or without and do interior styling projects with flowers always….

Follow your dream, it will turn out to be true one day.

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