Creative card making ideas

In the past a few months, I made quite some cards and invitations for family and friends. It is such a great fun to make your own cards. Creating some unique cards is such a rewarding way of telling your family an friends how much you care about them. How to be creative in the card making? You need to look around from your surroundings for inspirations, sometimes you need to try out different ideas. Through experiment your ideas, your creativity will get wild.

I love to make cards, the joy of gathering paper, accessories and thinking of new ideas to match for the occasions. They are many ways to express your feeling from the cards, here is some tips for you and hope you will feel like to make a card after you read this blog.

1) use a neutral color palette when you don’t know the person so well. I used the idea to make thanks note to my clients during the Christmas time. They love it. I even heard something like: I received a lot of cards, but your card is so unique, I will never forget.

2) make sure to make the card to fit for the occasions. For a baby girl birthday card, make sure that you make a card which fits for the baby girl theme instead of a boy theme.

3) if you know the person very well, put something in the accessories which are his/her favorite. For example football, tea cups or someone who loves organic leaves.

4) blend the color, culture, pattern together. It is such a great fun to create something people can relate it to. For example you make a card for people who loves Japanese culture or travel to Japan, some nice Japanese paper decoration on the card will be ideal.

5) Last but not the least, use your imagination and have fun with making the cards.

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