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Hi everyone, I hope you all enjoyed the first day of the week, and enjoy reading my Monday recipe on the blog. Today is the day for design and crafts. Before I start the blog, I will tell a story of my own.

My grandpa used to own a textile factory, it was a fifth generation family business. Sadly it ended during The Chinese Cultural Revolution. I felt very sad about it. But everything can happen during that crazy period. Luckily whole family is safe and well. Ironically my mother worked in a textile factory as a quality controller many years after the Cultural Revolution. I remembered the time when my mother made my new school year outfit with all the cute fabrics of each season. When I was 12, she started to teach me how to sew my first curtain. I remembered that she loved to have all the animals and flora patterns in my room even though I thought it is sometime too much. It is a pity that I did not have a copy of the photo. we could hardly afford a camera then.

It was history, but I think the way how to grow up influences our way of living and working in the future. I love fabric and pattern designs on the fabric. It is so nice to open my eyes and ears to see so many talented western designers who shines our lives with their creativity. I hope I will be one of them one day. Today we are going to go through some designers which we can get inspired to decorate your room with some cute textiles.

I love Sarah Jean’s design. She makes her lovely children’s book illustration, her ETSY shop full of her fine art prints, stationery, embroidery patterns and paper dolls. This spring, she started her Michael Miller fabrics. Love her amazing creativity. For more, you can find her shop here.

Another talented designers is from Amsterdam. I was amazed by her approach to Asian elements in the design. Her name is Mariska Meijers. She paints and have all fascinating designs for the textile and paint to decorate your home and she have some nice notebook for you to make some creative notes on. Here you can find more about her works.

Here is my second hand screen print. It is designed and hand printed in Amsterdam. This collection is called “What a girl wants”. I hope I will work more with the textile and screen print. It is a nice way to express your way of thinking via paper, fabric and photography.

The last designer for today’s finds is Sandi Henderson. She just published her first book, Sewing Bits and Pieces, and her textile and clothing design melts your heart. So sweet. You can find her blog more here

I will write more for textile finds, come back for more and hope to share with us your finds as well.

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