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Five ideas for a good weekend treat

What a great idea to have a good treat in the weekend. Do not say: “I am too busy to clean up my home”, “I need to do grocery shopping, and I don’t have time to think about a good treat”. I think a good treat does not take too much of your time, and will leave a very nice memory for the coming weeks. Here are some very effective ideas, which can make you or your family smile.

If you love to use your beautiful china, it is time to clean up the dust and take them out from your closet. Let’s say, for people who are craving for sweet, something really sweet to look as well.

How about some delicate French confectionery, you know what I am going to say, yes, it is Macrons. You don’t need to fly all the way over to Paris to enjoy it, just find at local Patisserie. I found one in Amsterdam. Check out Patisserie Kuyt for more.

I love strawberry; Dutch has a big local production for strawberry. Love the color and its juicy sweet taste. If you are ready to try out making your own cake to have a treat to your family in the weekend, I admire your efforts, and it will inspire you when you are busy with the recipe.

If you love flowers, there are so many nice flowers right now on the market. Choices like gerbera, hydrangea, cymbidium, peony, ornithogalum,curcuma, delphinium, dendrobium, eremurus, eucharis, gloriosa, iris, ranunculus,rose and zantedeschia. Here are some ideas for you.

Maybe you like to read in the weekend. How about some nice books like I did this week.

If you like to enjoy a pancake in the weekend, here are some nice ideas to treat yourself or your family in the weekend. Check out Event Designer Ashley Meaders’ portofolio, love to share with you here.


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