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Four ways to green your home

Spring is the time when most of us feel like to have more greens in the house; we feel like to open our chest to breath freely. The sunny weather is getting prettier every time, and we feel like to grow something green in our space in the city dwelling.

Like these eco home, home doesn’t need to be covered with ceilings and walls, let’s open it up and plant some trees instead. Let’s get some tips of green your home from the sneak peak here.

If you want your family live healthy, maybe you need to consider to have a green house at home or on the roof terrace. You can have a green kitchen with all the herbs and vegetables from your own. You will feel great.

If you are considering to have a water garden, you maybe check out the local garden center first to see all sizes, and they are ideal for both small apartment patios and large yards. I adore this water lily garden. Time stops here.

If you want to bring your garden indoor. please do not miss out this.

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