Healthy and easy to make stir fry eggplant recipe

During my study time, I had a lot of gathering at my home with lots of friends. Most of the time, I cooked Chinese food at the end of the day. So nice to hear comments: “wow, I never eat shrimps, you cook this way, it tastes so nice. I would like to make my own”. “I never liked fish, it is so fishy smell all the time, what did you put in there, it tastes great, I would like to have this recipe to try out next time”. “I never eat eggplant, it is so bitter and tasteless, but I really enjoyed yours. You changed my opinion over ingredients like eggplants. I will try out more of it now”.

How nice to hear all of this. There’s so much food out there, which are so delicious, but if we had no good experience to taste it or never know how to make it, our choices of food are so limited.

As I lived and worked in a city (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) which is 11 hours flying away from my hometown (Shanghai, China), it is impossible to resist all the food, which is not familiar to me. I like to cook Chinese but with the limited resources, I need to use a lot of creativity or imagination to make the dish work. That’s a lot of fun.

Today let’s make stir fry eggplant, turn this bitterness to happiness.

Serves 2

1. 1 eggplant, keep the skin (love the color) and thinly sliced
2. 5 tablespoons fresh garlic
3. 4 tablespoon of cooking oil
4. 4 tomatoes
5. 2 dried chili pepper
6. 1 hand full of fresh basil leaf, and washed
7. ½ tsp Shao Xing cooking wine
8. 2 tsp Tamari soy sauce
9. 1 tsp fish source
10. 15 pieces of chestnut mushrooms sliced
11. 2 tsp salt

Preheat the wok with medium fire. Place the oil into the wok; spread the oil to all edge of the wok. Sprinkle the fresh garlic and chili pepper in the oil, cook it till the color of garlic changes.

Place the chestnut mushrooms into the wok together with eggplant and tomatoes. Cook with medium fire for 25 minutes till it reaches your preferred softness of eggplant . When the eggplant is soft, spread the Tamari soy sauce, fish source and salt. Repeat stir the mix. Ending with the Shao Xing cooking wine. Sprinkle basil leaf on the top. Then the lovely stir fry eggplant dish is ready to serve.

Eet smakelijk!

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