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Honeysuckle- color of the year 2011

Read on the PANTONE, honeysuckle is the color of this year. The reddish and pinkish color is very vibrant. It shines through our blue days and gives us more confidence to walk through difficult challenges.

The color is very vivid and when you see it, you will never forget about it. Its strong color spectrum strikes everyone in the fashion and wedding events.

image: nwablushevents

Honeysuckle strikes us also in the area of interiors, it is reminiscent of romantic and positive energy. This color reminds us about a day with sunshine and a day with people who we love and care.

You can have one side of bed wall painted in honeysuckle, it is really a very bold color. Try to balance it with some white colors and elegant accessories, otherwise the room will look like a barbie house. Keep in mind that you want your room to look elegant and ingenue.

Add a tint of honeysuckle in the pillow case or photo frame, mix in the room with some of your antique furniture or contemporary art. Make sure the room is not to decorate for the photo shoot, it is the room for you to rest and recharge. Make sure to apply this color of the year very creatively. Hope you bring some great energy to your family soon.

Image: pencilshavings

Last but no the least, you can have a bunch of cymbidium in your room, hope it will make your feel stimulating and energizing. I took this photo during the Dutch flower show in Rai. It was the winner of cymbidium variety in 2010.

Where else you can think of applying a tint of honeysuckle? If you have any thoughts, send us some photos or comments. Wish you a nice day or evening. (depends on which country you live in).

See you back here tomorrow.

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