Housewarming invitations made with passion and love

We have been moved into our new place for almost four months. You know that moving costs a lot of your energy if you have to plan and work out everything besides your daily job. Even though it is a 60m2 apartment, it still takes time and planning to get it the way we want it.

When you move into a new house, there is a tradition in The Netherlands (as in other western countries) to organize a house warming party. I can hardly invite everyone at the same time. I have quite a bit of friends by staying in Amsterdam for 11 years and Rotterdam (six months), and John has many family and friends here too. If we invite them all, it is impossible to accommodate everyone.

So slowly we found a solution. We invite them in small groups. Each time we make a cozy lunch, high tea or dinner with a little group of friends or family so we can have a nice conversation and catch up with them after our moving, renovating and re-styling work.

For this month, I am so excited to organize a gathering with John’s family. You know most of his families are not living in Amsterdam. Half of his family is living abroad, in the US, Singapore, Belgium. I am so looking forward to have this party organized in Amsterdam in our little apartment. There will be in total around 13 people in our house this time. Finally I can see our niece Isabella with her beautiful ballet outfit. She is following a ballet class at school; I am so looking forward to see her dance in our house.

So I thought maybe I need to send out housewarming invitations besides calling. I went to different bookstores, they were of course not very personally designed. All the cards for housewarming parties were very commercial, and cheaply printed on glossy paper. Eventually I didn’t have time to look any longer. You know what? I made my own. I got some ideas and made a sketch of my balcony view, I love doing stamping and handmade cards, and so here it is, my own first ever Housewarming party invitation card. Made with passion and love.

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  1. Jim, thank you for stopping by. You inspires me a lot. Hope I will make more invitation in near future. Want to hear your opinion for sure. Have a good week. Wish sunshine everyday in Miami. Greetings Ping

  2. Thank you Jim. It was a fun experience to make it.

  3. Beautiful invitations!!!

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