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Love eco friendly designed wallpaper

When come to the wall, I prefer less is more. I will keep most of my wall white, then it will give me more space to choose color for accessories. When I come across these eco friendly designed wallpaper, I could not stop thinking of applying some tips for your wallpaper choice for home.

If you like nature, such as bird, trees, or leaves. Some of these designs have a hint of vintage, nowadays people like to have a bit taste of old time at their home, maybe it is a good idea to try out with these eco friendly designed wallpaper. Here are some of nice great designs I would like to share with you. I know that you are probably familiar with Tricia Guild, Designers Guild designs, today I would like to introduce a Brighton based designer Louise Body, She loves to remind us of living with eco friendly at home. Here are some images for bird lovers.

I love tree too, every time when I ride my bike passing through Vondel Park in Amsterdam, it is not far away from my home. I love it when it is just after rain. I smell the fresh air, and some drops of rain from the tree on my jacket, it makes me feel great. Here is the wallpaper design inspired by tree.

Last but not least is the leaf. When it is autumn season, I love to pick up the leaf in the park. Many different colors and shapes. Sometime, I make cards out of it, sometime I used it for my table decoration when I do the still life photo shoot. Here I share with you is the collection from Jocelyn Warner. l like the way how leaves stretch across the wall and the striking contrast turquoise and gold. You will see more of Jocelyn Warner’s design here.

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