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Smart hallway design – tips to make a difference

When we think about the idea of styling our home, we spend quite a lot of time and energy on bedroom, living room, bathroom and kitchen etc, there is one space we always find out after the renovation project is finished, that is the hallway or entrance Most of the time, it will be our least emphasized design corner in the room. Actually when you think about it, it is the first space when you or your guests come into contact after open the door. A good design of hallway is very important in this sense. Let’s talk about designing your hallway to make it a difference today. Let’s share some tips for smart hallway design here.













1) Hallway has to fit with the style of the rest of the house. When you come into design your hallway, if you have a very classic style in your home, it is so abrupt to have a minimalist style at the hallway. If you have a very modern house, here is a very nice hallway from Marie Claire Maison. It is very straightforward, artistic and well-organized. I love the color contrast very much.

2) Some people uses hallway as a gallery. I love it when the photos are artistically arranged. When the corridor is very narrow; it is so sweet to have one or two photos or art piece nicely arranged by the entry.

3) Bring some fresh flowers to the hallway; it will bring the life to the room. It is a kind of symbol to express that you are taking good care of your home and yourself.

4) It is important to keep in mind when designing the hallway – make sure it is clean, uncluttered and organized. Some people use this place as storage, then make sure to use good material and have a welcome feeling.

5) If you have a big space in the hallway, why not make a nice sitting place there. Have some books, good storage place and sitting place with some comfortable cushions, take a sip of tea or read your favorite books next to the window (love to have a lot of nature lights) in the hallway.

6) Set your mood for some unconventional design. Try out some unexpected modern colors or have a mix of both modern color and classic design console and mirror. Love the console with some historical twist. It highlights the taste of the owner who lives in the space or embraces the enjoyment of the home.

7) If your hallway is next to the stairs. Please make sure it has a good lighting and keep the color light. Make sure to use some of the nice patterns on the staircase to highlight the owner’s amazing taste.

Enjoy your designing of your hallway, lot of success.

Images: marieclairemaison, slumberdesigns, keywordpictures

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