The good nose – how to style your home deliciously with Parfum D’Interieur

When we style our houses, we pay much attention to the color, the pattern, the material, the shape and texture in order to make sure that we create an atmosphere which will make sure to bring you peace and tranquility to the home or shall I say to make it “gezellig” in Dutch.

How to style your home deliciously? In today’s blog, I would like to add another important aspect of styling your home, that is refer to your stylist that smell is an important factors in the overall impression of the home too. How important is that a good smell? You do not want to welcome your guests with a strong cooking and oily smell at the corridor.

Smell plays an important in our five senses. Especially nowadays top architectures, perfumers and stylists are working together to bring the sense to our daily life in our space. We are able to explore and appreciate the aroma, which shapes our sense of memory and emotions. There are many homes and hotel even have a “Smell Design”.

We cannot underestimate the value of the smell to our home; it brings you to an oasis after a long day and hectic day. Welcome yourself at the door with natural aroma instead of chemical odor will shape your life in a significant way. You will feel more soothe, calm and comfortable or energy , or romantic. Store some essential oil, nature home fragrance and scented candles in your closets and indulge yourself nice smell, which will bring your positive thinking, Some young woman like the sweet Vanilla scents while others will like oriental flora such as jasmine or gardenia. Recently green herb and fruit are becoming popular such as fig from Diptyque, tealeaf, verbena, basil and mint from ping living.

Great scents to make your day…………………………………………………………………………………………..
Feel relax with: Lavender, chamomile, vanilla,
Feel cozy: Cinnamon, frankincense, rosemary, cumin, and cedar wood
Feel romantic: Rose, gardenia, jasmine
Feel happy and energy: Lemongrass, eucalyptus, basil, ginger, mint, and citronella, thyme and neroli

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