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Beautiful Aqua color for home – inspiration and creation

image from Blowing Bubbles artwork by Cyril Rolando on deviantART

When I came across aqua when I was busy planning the color of our new home. The color cyan is mostly used in the 1950s in the interior design.

Character of aqua:
nature environment

When come across of color aqua, many of us will associate it with: turquoise or various shades of the aqua color: aquamarine, beryl, blue-green, cerulean, teal or cool blue. It reminds us about freshness, cool and it is always in style. No matter which year. No one can resist the feeling of freedom. Soft aqua color or saturated aqua, we are always find a way to decorate our space which reminds us of freedom.

-decorate your wall with tint of aqua

This is my home studio wall color, I only painted one side of wall with this color. It is a very small room, so I just leave the rest wall off white.

More inspirations to paint your wall:

image: bright bold beautiful

-accessories on the wall

image: The GlamaMama Chronicles

image: brown boot salvage

-accessories with aqua tint on the table

image: texas home and living

-some artworks to put on your table

image: nature junky

More inspirations from creative mood board:

image: fourth floor walk up
image on the front page illustration work by Cyril Rolando via cool show case

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