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Color of the day – Pink

Everyday in my life, I am surrounded by beautiful flowers, photographs, fabrics, patterns and colors. It is so nice that I learn to make a collage once a while to put all the beautiful things together to inspired myself as well as others. Today after hours of searching, compiling and editing, I made this collage. Hope you enjoy it.

Color palette: pink {light pink, fuchsia }, Background {handcraft & graphic}
Pattern & material: fragrance, paper and flowers
Mood: romantic and inviting

Image: By me it is my second collage of this week. I love to make it.

Anna Spiro’s Absolutely Beautiful Things, Anna works as an Interior Designer in Brisbane Australia. She loves color, fabic, flowers and gardening besides her family and career. She loves to inspired everyone to live a bright and colorful life through her blog and her work.

Pretty perfume from Elizabeth-Arden via fragrantica

Pretty wall design by designer luzelle van der westhuizen. She is from Cape Town. She set up a small jewellery studio in Cape Town, then headed to London where she worked for other designers. When the time for her own creative adventure again, and so Mengsel was born. Mengsel is the Dutch and Afrikaans word for mixture. Love her work inspired by hand-drawn and geometric patterns. She uses silkscreen print as well. Luzelle has also done freelance design work for clients such as Marc Jacobs and her work has been sold in stores that represent the best in contemporary design, such as Heal’s. She has a quite complete collection created by silkscreen print: cushion covers, tea towels and wall deco. You can find more of her work here:

Collage (top right in the image) is from Shannon Fricke, this color collage is made during her workshop in Sydney. How lovely it is. She organizes workshops called “The Love Your Home Decorating Workshops”, during the workshop, she spends time with other 20 peoples to learn about color and decorating. I love the idea very much. For more information for people who lives in Sydney, please check out here.

image: talesofabride2be

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