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Did I tell you that I got myself a new sewing machine for my birthday. Yes, it arrived safely and it looks great. I am so looking forward to change around my working room at home. You know sometimes when it is raining or snowing hard, it is nice to work from home. Generally I love to work from home than my other working place. I am sure there are many artists love to work from home based studio. I can name a few:

Lori Marie Johnson, working out of her home studio, Berkeley-born textile designer Lori Marie Johnson has created designs that define the signature homespun look of Pottery Barn Kids and have earned her an appearance on The Martha Stewart Show.

image via: diablomag

Queen Dana Barnes, a New York textile artist who lives with her work in an authentic SoHo loft. Image: via feathersfreesiasandfishingtackle

Johanna Gullichsen, she started her textile design from her home studio in Helsinki in 1989. Over the years her business has diversified from a home studio to two of her own stores, one in Helsinki and another in Paris.

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I was always wondering how the other artists work at home. I love what I saw. But I miss one of the main thing: how do they work and what the studio look like, are they messy, are there any real action for example sewing, screen printing, or sketching etc etc. After a few hours searching, I found one artist from Japan. When I saw her blog, I know that my hours of looking pays back. It really worth my time to search for her. Her work is from heart and soul. I think she must be very nice to talk and she works very professionally too. Her name is Hitomi Kimura. she is such a talented artist. I am a fan of her textile design already after my first visit to her blog. Hitomi creates fantastically intricate textiles for fashionable bags, notebooks, home and more.  She is also busy making textile for her own shop as well as for others.

I could hardly see any photos of Hitomi Kimura herself on her own blog. Maybe she is kind of artist who only concentrates on her work. That’s another reason I admire her.

images through Hitomi Kimura’s blog
You can see more of her studio image through her blog.

If you are an artist and working from your home studio, please share your working images with us here. I think our readers are really interesting to see it. Wish you a nice day. For all artists, keep on going, never stop believing in yourself. Sometime great work needs time to be discovered.

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  1. Me too I really love to look at peoples studios.. those are by far the most creative places. I also love the book ‘how they work’ filled with Dutch designers and their studios 😉
    Great post , thanks for sharing

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