Cute fabric for kids -printing your own fabric

image by Ping He

Today is Monday again, normally I have Monday Recipe day. But I was busy with receiving some friends from France and try to recover from 14 hours wedding party during the weekend. I did not have chances to make a nice recipe for today’s post. I hope you are not too disappointed. Instead I have something which is hand-made by me to show you.

This month is a very interesting month. They are many family/friends gatherings, weddings and birthday parties. At the beginning of the month, I decided to make my own fabric to give as a gift.

I am not sure whether you like to make a trip to a fabric store to get some nice fabric to make a fashionable bag or cushion cover for your friends or families? Have you ever had experience to mix a full array of colors from the three primary colors so that you can create an exciting textures or patterns on your fabrics? I love fabrics for home that have images of a floral garden, or a subtle blue sky, nice landscapes and a fairytale story. It is very difficult to find on the market.

What shall I do? Learn to make your own. They are so many techniques out there to print patterns on the fabric. Techniques include digital printing, stenciling, stamp carving, foiling, brushing, rubbing, scraping, spraying and pigment dyeing, screen printing. It is so amazing to see so many different techniques to produce your own fabrics.

What do we need to do:
1) Get inspired every day from the objects which you think they are fitting for your patterns

2) Study some exquisite fabrics by other designers

3) Read books about printing skills

4) Start from the basic techniques, and you need to learn some surface design techniques beforehand

5) Choose your favorite techniques and try out more with different patterns

My favorite technique for textile print is Screen Printing. I love the rich texture on the fabric. It is unique from each individual piece. Every piece of fabric is different from each other, because it is hand printed. It is so great to make my own color scheme from the same design. It is a combination of drawing, illustrator, Photoshop and printing.

All images and designs are from me. I am so glad that my first children’s collection is ready. It is called Little Isabella. All collection is about stories over Little Isabella. A little girl named Isabella, she loves all the activities. She love outdoor and indoor activities. She learns everyday something interesting. It is a story about her and I make a design out of her story and print out with silk screen at Amsterdam Grafisch Atelier. It is a very nice place to work on my collection.

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