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Decorating your home with Chinese style accessories

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Nowadays many of my friends have traveled to Asia, some go there for holidays, some go there for business. And more and more of them have been so keen on decorating their home with some beautiful things they brought back from their trip from Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong (China), Vietnam, India, Japan, Korea and many more.

I am so amazed with their collections. I think many of us like to decorate our room with some Asian style accessories. I was often asked by some of my western friends some tips over decorating room with some Asian elements. That’s also the reason I start to write on my blog today, decorating your home with Asian style accessories. I think it is a start, I will write more about it in the future.

1) In Asian, especially in Chinese culture, tea is very important element in everyone’s daily life. Tea is considered to be a way of living. It is considered to be a way to relax when family members drink tea together. Family will honor the respected guests with their well-kept family tea on the day the guests arrive. I am fortunate enough to experience some special tea ceremony when I was in China and had chance to pick up some fresh tea leaf when we were on the tea plantation in Hang Zhou, China. Have said all about tea, it is time to note that if we have a nice tea set or tea pot as a nice elements in your living room. You don’t need to store your tea pot in your kitchen closet. If the tea pot is nicely designed, you can even use it as a decoration item.

image: by LGodbey

2) I notice that everyone likes well-designed lamps at home. Some give more attention to their lamps in their bed room, while others give more attention to their choice to their living room. I will not give preference which room is more important than the other ones. Lighting and the design of the lamp is so important to change whole atmosphere in the room. Here I found this lamp, I immediately fell in love with it. I found it on the blog of interior stylist and decorator Jo Carmichael, she has amazing styling work listed on her blog. It is nice to share one of her styling work – Oriental expression with you here.


3) Decorate wall with some ink painting or wash painting. It is an East Asian type of brush painting also known as wash painting. It is very popular in China and Japan. Love to see some ink painting as the wall decor.

image: So Haute

4) Have a nice closet in the living is a must. Why not choose this one?

image: decorpad

Let’s start with these four elements to decorate our home today, if you have any thoughts, drop me an email or leave me comments here. See you tomorrow.

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