Fragrance and poems

Perfume has been used to give our body or spaces a pleasant scent. They are mixture of synthetic oil or extract from plant, fruit herbs and flowers.

It has been used in human civilization in Egypt, then Romans and Persians. Since early time, perfume is made in atelier applying natural essences, then the synthetics were promoted and gets more and more popular.

A century later, our olfactory suffers so much from mass chemical based supplement in food, cosmetics and our surroundings. We have lost the memory of authentic smell of fresh flowers, grass, herb and plants.

We are living in a modern space which sacrifices our recognition the history of ancient spices and the spirit of making perfume as making poems. Among those what lost for ever are the feeling and the emotion.

It is time to satisfy our hunger for authenticity and true crafts. Just like making poems, It is authentic and real craft. For that I will make a poem today for the perfume.
the little lavender bush
waves against
the wing on the balcony
almost afraid it will break

wait for the moment
when the sun shines, the wind slows down
the bees dance, and the birds sing
the strong stems stand straight
against the wall, with spotted dust,
the dew, the shadows from
the tree, now really now
it is time for applause,
compliment and more

what are you waiting
for, no more denies
the fragrance of nature, not the engineers,
working in the laboratory
try to mimic real scent
stop stop and stop

search for the glory days
for perfume, with an elegance
its so precious. No need to
cut your pride in half, because
simply it is made with love

give our sense back to
appreciate the complexity
of natural and subtle

perfume permeates in the mind,
the soul, and grasp the moment
of love and hate

to understand the nature
of perfume, its complexity,
like to solve a myth. It is a ritual
a way of thinking, living and more.

the bees dance among the lavender bush
the fragrance of lavender
it is not a mystery
it is real
and let’s keep it real

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