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Fresh and exciting summer wedding theme- orange

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I am going to a wedding today. One of my best friend Jacqueline is going to get married today, Its my first time to be a marriage witness. I have been practicing to write my signature for a while, hope it will look good on her marriage certificate.

There are many of my friends going to get married. Maybe now it is the time of the seasons that couples like to tie the knot. Yes, summer time, the most exciting season in the year. It is fresh, sunny, happy and enjoyable ( I don’t count the rainy days in Amsterdam). I know that my friend is going to have her orange theme wedding. She did not tell me the reason yet, I guess maybe they are Dutch, Orange is the Dutch people’s pride. Orange is the color of the Dutch Royal Family. Orange is the historic national color of the Netherlands, originating from the coat of arms of the Dutch founding father William of Orange-Nassau. I made some quite wild guess here. I will ask her today why she choose this color after the wedding.

What summer wedding theme can we choose from? Any theme, as far as you can find right flowers and accessories to go with it. Today we are going to write about -orange theme.

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Mood board for orange wedding theme:

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