Lotus leaf wrap steamed rice recipe

It is Monday again, today is a special day. It is my B-Day. This morning when I opened my email box, there are so many nice words and wishes with Chinese, English and Dutch languages. How wonderful it is to receive phone calls, emails and facebook messages when I feel I am getting extra year older. After 25 years birthday, I don’t count my birthday as a celebration any more. Sounds strange maybe. I don’t like big parties any more for my B-day as I used to.

But today I felt so blessed with. I had a wonderful dinner party last night, it was a surprising party organized by my old friends Minnie, Rainbow, Jennifer and Linda. And I had a wonderful cooking workshop on Saturday with Fred and Angelique. We made some delicious recipes that day. It will be included in my future cooking book if I am dare enough to publish one some day. One of the recipe we made is called “lotus leaf wrap steamed rice”.

My last name is He, when I was a little girl, my friend gave me a nick name ” He Hua” 荷花 in Chinese. It means lotus flower. It grows in unexpected places, surrounded by water. Its mysterious look and its symbolic meaning in different culture. Source: The Indian Lotus flower symbolizes divinity, fertility, wealth, knowledge and enlightenment. The Christian alternative to the lotus is the white lily which, relating to Mary as queen of heaven, signifies both fertility and purity. In the East, the lotus flower is viewed as a symbol of spiritual unfoldment. The lotus has its roots in earthly mud, but as it grows upward in aspiration toward the light, its petals open out in a beautiful flower. It is symbol of purity.

I was so busy with making it, I did not get a chance to take time to shoot the final products. I did have a few glimpse of the lotus leaf when I did my preparations and had a banana leaf wrap recipe the other day. Hope you forgive me for that. I promise to take a good shoot next time when I make it again.

lotus leaf wrapped steam rice for four persons

200 grams rice (pandan rice, sticky rice or Sushi rice)
2tsp five spices, 2stp seasame oil, 2 1/2 black pepper powder
3 tsp curry powder, 1 1/2 tsp salt, 1/2 tsp chili pepper
15 pieces of green beans, 5 pieces of potatoes
20 pieces of walnuts, 1 onion, 150g minced meat
1 tsp sunflower seed, 1 tsp pumpkin seed
2 big lotus leaves, cut into 12 pieces from the center
5 dried Chinese mushrooms, 4 tbsp oyster sauce

Clean the dry lotus leaves. Wash them gently and soak them in the water till they are soft. Wash the rice in water, and let it soak in the water for 10 minutes and set aside.

Boil hot water and soak the dry mushrooms in the hot water till they are soft, and cut out the hard part in the middle of it (stem) and set aside. Prepare the rest of the ingredients, cut potatoes into small pieces and grind all ingredients in a food processor except the lotus leaves. Mix all very well in a big bowl, and now the mixture is ready to use.

When the rice mixture is ready, put the mixture in the middle of the lotus leaf, close the four sides of the leaf like you fold an envelope. At the end close the wrapped leaf with a rope. Steam the lotus wrapped rice for 15-20 minutes. Serve it on a nice plate.

Enjoy and hope you will make a delicious one.
xx Ping

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