Talented textile designers

Image by Ping He

It is weekend again, I know that most of us are so looking forward to relax in the weekend. Do you have plans already? It has been a really nice week for me. Sometimes in our life, we need to make some critical decisions. Life is never the same again if you make some decisions. As you may follow my blog for a while, you probably know that I have been working on different projects for the last few years. Fragrance, flowers, card, textile, interior & food styling and cooking. At certain stage of my life, I need to make decision what need to focus on. I know some of us are very ambitious, we want to achieve so much. But remember that you can only achieve when you are focused. I know it is so difficult to separate all my creativity from my life, maybe at this stage of life, I need to concentrate on a few things: Fragrance, flower and textile. I will do food styling, cards and cooking at the side.

Today I would like to share with you some of the great talent of textile designers. I am not sure whether you like to decorate your home with some beautiful textiles? Maybe some nice curtain for your living room, maybe try out some nice tablecloth when you have guests over for dinner? Maybe making your own fashionable duvet covers with the textile design you love.

I love these textile designs from Vanilla Interior. They are designed by Vallila’s in-house designers Tanja Orsjoki and Matleena Issakainen. For people who love nature, maybe they are something for you.

image: interiorzine

You probably love something simpler or even without too much decorative pattern. As you know that I love nature, I love birds, butterflies, bees, tree and flowers. So all the textile with distinctive natural elements designs, I will be very inspired. The following design is by Lilli Cowley-Wood.

Image: Lilli Cowley-Wood: Textile Design

After you see these textile, do you feel like to make a trip to the seaside or look for some places which is free from the traffic during the weekend?


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