Unique Handmade Gift For Newly Weds

image by Ping He

It seems I am getting very good at attending weddings. Besides work, rest, workshops, sports and readings, I am adding one extra nice activity on the list: attending my good friend’s wedding. Actually I have a wedding to attend tomorrow again. It has been a lot of wedding among my friends recently. I asked them why you guys want to get married in the same month, and there are so many of them to attend one after another. You know what they answered me? “You set up a good sample two years ago, we have to follow”. I am flattered….

I am not sure whether you all are good at finding the right gifts for the newly weds? For me, the gift has to be suitable for the newly weds. No matter the size or the price of the gift. As far as it is from your heart and it is what they love. Today I would like to share with you the gift I made for my friends as a their wedding gift.

For some people who are following my blog probably know that I have been doing screen print on my own designed textile collection for a while. One of my other business is selling and making scented soywax candles and natural room fragrance. For this time, I have made a white taper candle and a very nice table runner called LOVE AS IT IS.

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