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I set up my blog by the end of 2010, just a few days before 2011. I made a promise to myself at the beginning of 2010 that I need to have a blog to write my thoughts, works or some ideas to inspire myself. I appreciate the core idea of making thing with passion. We made a blog, there is only name and one article till 28 April, 2011.

You may guess what happened during that gap? Yes, yes, I know it is quite a while between the setting up and the actual action. The main reason is that I am intimidated by excellent blogs out there. Per design, per content, per fame, per visitors’ number, I can never be able to reach that. I can hardly write so artistic. Other people attended a better art school than me or they went to have a BA degree in English Literature. Or they worked as an Art Director in a big advertising company. Many many reasons blocked my attempt to even dare to type further on my blog page.

Even though during my Communication Management study, I had to write interviews, annual reports and marketing stuff, it costs 5 times more energy for me to reach to the same results as other students who are grown in an English language environment. I will never manage to do it if I have to write daily. How about my grammar mistakes, how about my amateur page layout…… I already convince myself that I am not good enough to write my own thoughts. Maybe most of us who are not confident enough with English language have the same issue here.

Another thing stopped me to write is that the design part. How can I get so many nice images for mood board, Do-it-yourself projects, and wedding events etc. How about the copy rights if I use other people’s work. Problem solved after all, I just need to source them all. And have a link to their website where I sourced. And more and more thoughts come back to me is that I use my own photo as much as I can. Then again more technique questions are: photography skills, design programs and equipments for all hand crafts/design/DIY projects. Most of my company’s income invested in these stuff. A few close friends said to me :”why are you wasting your money and time for these stuff. Now you have to find a bigger storage to stock your stuff, and why don’t you just concentrate on your ping living -candle or home fragrance business only”.

Yes, some moments I did have doubt. Is it my hobby going too wild? Thanks god, John did not complain about the messy places at home. When I am busy with some of the projects, he could hardly walk into my work room. I sometimes like to work from my home with my comfortable clothes instead of going to my storage/office/work station near Sloterdijk station. John has his music studio at home as well. So each of us have our own space. Maybe next time I will show you some sneak peek of his studio. But this week, I have no doubt at all. Why? What happened?

I received some emails, phone calls and comments from my blog readers. One of such extraordinary messages is a call from Ciaran -owner of Cactus Japan Shop in Dublin. Ciaran and his wife Yoshiko run a beautiful Japanese gift shop in Dublin, you can have a little sneak peak at their shop through here. I met Ciaran at Autumn Fair in Birmingham when he visited our booth then. He called me this afternoon with a very exciting voice. He said: “Ping, I just read your blog, It is so sincere and I saw your huge progress back to four years ago. I just want to call you to tell you that. I was looking something else online, accidentally came across your blog, it is really nice to read through your lines. I feel it is written with from the heart. And love to see it is growing and emerging”. I am listening and listening, the tears come out from my eyes. I can not describe how touched it was at that moment. I could not use any words to describe my feeling……. Really for a few second, I am lost from my emotions. I remembered that I said many THANKS to Ciaran, that it is my happiest moment since my day of blogging. After I finished my telephone conversation, I immediately sent Ciaran a thanks note to show my gratitude for all what he brought to me through invaluable words. It can not be measured by any means.

What I can do is to to do my best to write a good blog article everyday from my heart!!! Wish you all a good weekend. See you on Monday. .

xx Ping

I thought nobody cares about what I wrote, and now I believe that if you put your heart and soul into it, if you do everything with passion. PEOPLE DO CARE.

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  1. You have a real passion – go for it and you’ll succeed!

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