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Beach inspired wedding theme

image: by Ping He

I have been to many weddings recently, and in my memories, have a wedding on the beach is such a romantic idea. Many years ago, two friend of mine had their wedding on the beach. It was a beautiful beach wedding theme. From dress, decoration and even the wedding gift for the guests. It was fantastic. Luckily in the Netherlands, we have many beaches. It is a good thing about living in a country which is close to the sea. There are plenty of nice beaches which couples can think of a nice location for THE DAY.

Have you even been to some nice beach wedding party? I am sure some of you do have some nice experience. Let’s talk about beach inspired wedding theme today. We will take a close look at the invitation, the setting of the wedding location and the table decor.

1) Start from the invitation. You can have the cards letter pressed with shell pattern. If you don’t like shell, a nice seahorse or coral illustration on the cards will be also a good idea. Some couples even make their own cards with nice artwork of a heart shape on the beach, plus their name initials. Sounds very romantic!

image: moon tree letterpress

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2) Table decor and center piece. If you are going to have your wedding on the beach, you want to think about having everything be consistent with the theme. From color, material to flora. Everything has to be match perfectly. Do not put too much color at the same time. If you want to have aqua, then work around with that color. How about have a nice aqua colored candle light?

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Mood board of wedding theme

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