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Color of the day – exciting yellow

I am back to the blog page. When I rode my bike today on the way back home, I felt that I was flying on the bike. You know why? Because I could not wait to write on the blog. I took some days off during the summer holiday here in Amsterdam. I felt so so “lekker” (Dutch expression for something really nice). I got some nice sunflower and ready to spend nice weekend with John. He will probably produce music in his studio in the weekend. But we will definitely do something nice together in the park or have a small trip in the neighbor cities. I am not sure where. There is one Chinese Art Exhibition in Laren, called Facing China, if anyone else is also interested, you need to go before end of this month, it will be finished by 28 August. You can find more information here. I will not elaborate a lot about the Chinese artists on this blog, I will leave it for next week. But today, I am going to write about color of the day -White & Yellow. I always think these two colors are the color of the summer. Don’t ask me why. Maybe because of the Dutch sunflowers?

Have you ever thinking about have the theme of the wedding color as yellow? Never, maybe or yes. I am not sure whether there are many readers out there had any experience with yellow theme. I experienced none. Maybe I see a lot of yellow flowers during the Dutch Eater Holidays. I was wondering maybe we can move from the romantic pink, natural look green to exciting yellow for a change today. Here you have it, let’s get started.

Color palette: yellow {light yellow, orange}, Background {organic; nature}
Pattern & material: fragrance, paper and flowers
Mood: bright & exciting

I love flowers, so in the blog I used many flowers to make my mood board. So what kind of flowers are possible for the yellow theme wedding decorations? I am thinking of narcissus, they are little and very pleasant to see and smell great. It will be so fabulous to let the little narcissus mingled with vanda flowers. They are one of my favorite orchids. If you think the color is not rich enough, maybe make some daring color switch. Let’s say use gloriosa. They are so beautiful flowers. If you don’t know what is gloriosa, check out my blog mood board here, it is the flower on the top level, second left. Yes, the one with red and yellow blooms. They are rich color and the flower shape is amazing. I don’t understand why nature is so amazingly beautiful.

Maybe someone has a wedding in the spring, you love fragrant on the wedding, I have one suggest: use hyacinths. Tell your local florist to buy hyacinths – city of Haarlem. It is a good yellow hyacinth and is a glory of spring. They are not very tall, around 20-40cm depends on what length the grower cut. You can put them on the low vase. I will suggest to arrange the flower a few days earlier, because it will take a few days before the flowers are fully blooming. You definitely want to have a fully bloomed flowers on the special day. Don’t give warm water, otherwise it blooms very quickly.

Yellow, plus a bit tint of orange will be also very charming for the decor. I love the idea of using the wood vase to spread a vivid single bouquet. You can mix with flowers such as viburnum, tulip, ranunculus, cattleya, chamomile, garden roses (they are extremely beautiful) See the image 5 ), dalia and carnations. Oh, I almost forget to list zantedeschia (calla lily). One thing I have to remind you before you go on with you project is that don’t mix too many colors at the same time. I shall say 2-3 is enough color on one bouquet.

Mood board: Color of the day – Yellow by Ping He
Image by:
1) dreams time
2) moosesevani
3) imagecho
4) Martha Stewart Weddings

Take a look at the first image in the mood board, I love the idea of using Chinese lanterns at the wedding party. Make sure to use nicely crafted lanterns, and they will shine elegantly in the evening setting. It will bring elegance and grace to the party theme. Exquisite in its exotic character.

I am sure everyone has different preference or taste about flowers. Just enjoy the flowers and try out to make the best out of it. If you can not work it out, you can always go to the local florist for help.

Here below, I share some of the nice yellow wedding theme mood board from other blogs. Hope that you will enjoy it. Wish you all a nice weekend.

Image by wedding bee

Image by weddings on the french riviera

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