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It is summer in the town, many rainy days actually. I sound like a real Dutch now, because I start to talk about the weather a lot. Especially in the summer, if the sun does not shine enough, we like to complain. I am very much integrated to Dutch culture now.

Today when I look outside of my window, it is fabulous outside. Blue sky and happy birds flying around in the city. Yes, it is also a holiday period for the most of Dutch people now. What will you do during your holiday? Travel to some exotic islands? Paris? or drive to Italy? I love them all. But before I leave for holiday, it is nice to organize the house nicely. It feels great when you are back from your holiday. Only one thing, you need to ask your family or friends or neighbor to water your flowers when you are away.

Bring some color to our home. There are many ways to do it,  many of us love flowers and plants.  So today I would like to share with you some of them.

Is it amazing? I love the color. the leaf is so unique. I am not sure which room is best for this plant. But I know that you can always put them on your balcony if there is no place to match.

I love vases, beautiful vases are as important as nice flowers in the vase. I spotted this vase, it is very exotic, never see much of this before. I love its texture.

Some of my friends are PINK freak. I am quite influenced by them. If you read my blog article before, you probably know that I love white, black grey and red a lot. Due to the flower consultant freelance work I am doing for past 11 years, I am more amazed by the color flowers can elaborate. Its so delicate as well. I welcome any colors which make me smile. Share with you some nice flowers. I made this collage for you. All photos are taken by me, I edited and it is just finished, and you are the first to see. Hope that you love it.

What is your favorite color? Do you have any favorite flowers? I am sure you have. Let me know how will you decorate your room with colors.

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