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Contemporary nature inspired fine china

image by ping he
When John and I got married in 2009, we got a nice set of fine bone china gifts from families and friends. They are from Villeroy & Boch Urban Nature. The set includes rice bowl, tea pot, coffee set and dishes. They are timeless. We use them everyday, and still love them so much. We decorate them nicely for our family high tea party and dinner party. They are as exclusive or as romantic as you want. It all depends on how do you decorate the table settings.

I found some mood board for the same set from Clueless & Obsessed blog, they are stunning too.

I love fine china, I love the simple and modern shape style of any fine china. Here are some more designs I found and they are really make me happy. The first one is from Etsy shop called Prettymydrink, let me know what do you think.

image: PrettyMyDrink

Another finding of today is the beautiful fine china collection called Dibbern Golden Forest from Bodo Sperlein, they are produced by Dibbern, Germany’s premier Bone China manufacturer. I love many of this collection, and would like to share with you the mood board I made from the collection on the Bodo Sperlein’s webshop.

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  1. zhe pian wen zhang shi bang zhu wo !fen e gan xie

  2. Its very true that The set includes rice bowl, tea pot, coffee set and dishes are very beautiful because i also use everything of china.The products of china is realy aapreciative.

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