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Delft Blue accessories – a touch of Holland or Chinese?

image by ping he

Hi everyone, today is Monday again, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Amsterdam is getting colder and colder. I am not sure whether the summer will still continue here. Maybe this year here we skip the summer and go straight to autumn. Too bad, I sounds like a real Dutch now. I start to complain about the weather. I can not help it, because I live here for almost 11 years and 6 months. I am kind of integrated to the local culture.

In the Netherlands, there are not much good sunny months actually where everyone can go to beach with, not like Miami where my friend Jim lives. Sunny and cocktail are the theme. Most of the rainy season starts in the Netherlands normally September and continue the chilly winter till March.We try to enjoy as much as we can from April, May, June, July till August. Anyway enough with the weather here. Today we are going to talk about another famous thing from the Netherlands. Nobody can even manage to ignore it. You will see it as soon as you land at the Schiphol International Airport- our famous Dutch Delft Blue gift ware.

I love Delft Blue accessories for home, it gives me a touch of Holland and Chinese actually. It is a color that brings calm, evokes peaceful and tranquil feelings. When it combines with white background, it can be truly delicate.

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image: caspari


I know many of us only decorate our home with the color which are familiar to other. We just don’t want to make it too difficult for ourselves. It is too risky? Or it is a kind of creative to try out something new?

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