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Elegant wedding table decoration

image by Ping He

I love go to weddings, no matter Asian weddings or Western weddings, I just love the atmosphere on the wedding day. Most of the wedding I have been were fantastic. Some have more budget than others, they choose more extraordinary location than the others.

I know some of my friends are busy arranging their wedding this year. Actually I had been two of them. There are more friends will get married these coming months. I was asked to put more tips on wedding. So let’s do it. Prepare wedding needs a wedding planner for some people if they are not good at managing time, money and organize things. The wedding planner can help you to go through all details such as making choice of the invitation, choose flower for the day, hire wedding day band and photographer, choose a catering, wedding venue selection, wedding day planning, choose wedding cake and make sure all the guests and wedding couples are worry-free on the day.
Today I would like to concentrate on the table decoration for the wedding.

image: francoise weeks
It is more for fall wedding season, love the deep red color and table napkin they used in the setting. White color is the background for table cloth, wedding menu and wine glass. It has nice color contrast with the rest.

Some people just want to keep simple and elegant. I think it is important to keep that in mind. Create a wedding a wedding table elegant is vital. It is the place where most of guests will talk about it many years after the wedding besides the wedding ceremony itself.

Beach wedding is very popular in the summer here in the Netherlands. I have written a blog article a few days ago called beach inspired wedding theme. You can find here if you missed it. I love the idea is that they used the wood in the middle to put all the flowers and candles on it. The color of wood well balanced with the white, and the material of wood is good to match with sand on the ground, and green leaf and flowers on the table. Silver, glass, textile and wood run on the same setting beautifully.

Hope that you enjoy reading it and see you tomorrow.

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