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When I was a little girl living in a little village near Shanghai (I lived in Shanghai till 4 years old, then moved back to Shanghai after 15). we don’t have iPad2 or playstation 3 or Barbie, instead all of those we have rope jumping, ping pong game, climbing tree competition, make clay figure, and story telling. I was so impressed with all the barbie in Shanghai when I went back in 2009. It was more than I can imagine.

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Time flies, now we are all grown up and some of my childhood friends are becoming mum themselves. When I went back to see them during my holiday in China, we still laughed about our stories we told ourselves. I was a very good story teller then. You know why? Because I don’t have any siblings, when all my friends went back home by their parents for dinner, I was the only one left in the play ground in the front of my house. I put little stones on the seat, pretending they are my friends who are still sitting there listening my story. I continued my story till I am hungry, and ran to home to get some food prepared by my grandma. I am still amazed about the fact that I was able to finish my story each time, but all my friends were not able to finish theirs. Maybe it is fate. As most of childhood friends are followed the dream of their parents, I am the one of the lucky ones who follow my own dream.

As I said I am a good story teller, after so many years, I am still thinking of the possibilities to make it happen again in a country where is 8895 km away from my home town (Yu Yao is my first home town, Shanghai is my second home town). The story is about a little girl named Little Isabella, it is a story about her. She is a lovely girl who enjoys the outdoor and indoor activities, she has so much energy and curious about everything and everyone around her. She is very open, and likes to say hello to everyone who just pass by her when she walks on the street. How nice.

First outdoor activities she likes as soon she can walk by herself is to swing, I know many little girls like to do that. Here is the drawing I made and hand silk screen printed on 100% organic cotton in Amsterdam.

After the little Isabella – girl on a swing, little Isabella went on a wedding party. She danced a lot with her beautiful white princess dress. And she is the flower girl on the wedding. A very important role….On our wedding ceremony, Isabella just learned how to walk. She was supposed to bring the ring to us, she was too overwhelmed by the attention from the guests, because everyone is staring at her. I really love to watch the wedding video, specially the party everyone was smiling when Isabella gave the ring to us with the help of her father- Philip, my nice brother-in-law. The nice memories will stay for the rest of our life. For her flower girl part, I made a design this Wednesday and silkscreen printed at the same day.

It is a gift that we have little Isabella as our niece, we love her naughty glimpse of eyes, we love to watch her dancing. We wish we can spend more time with her, and love to hear more stories about her. I will draw more designs inspired by her.

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  1. The story is real image of that girl and the pictures shows it clearly.

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