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Kreoo-Nabhi Stone Sinks: style in your bathroom

It has been six and a half months since we moved to our new apartment. We both enjoyed very much with our new place. Luckily the basic of the house is ready. The dark brown wooden floor, the ceiling, the kitchen and bathroom are all set. We don’t need to do too much renovation. The room needs more styling than complete make over.

In the past few months, we started one room by one room to finish get right color, material and furniture. John has his studio. He got some really cool isolation stuff to make sure that nobody will complain when he makes music in his studio. I got my own working room, it is facing to the gardens of our neighbors. We are living on the first floor, it is so nice to open my balcony and see the greens in the front of my view when I open my window. That’s why I spend less time at my other work location on Transformatorweg 28, Amsterdam. I work in three different locations. One is from my home studio where I sew my textile and make designs, the other one is where my fragrance and candle atelier, and AGA is my third working station where I print my silkscreen design items. It is a new project for me. I just finished my 10th edition Little Isabella Tote Bag. The term tote, meaning “to carry”. The bag is designed with the lovely story about Isabella and her daily activities. In total I will make 50 editions.

Last weekend, John and me are looking for some sinks to replace what we had in our house. We went to a few sink suppliers in Amsterdam keep in mind to buy within our budget. When I look more online, I found a few really cool designs, which I like so much, but have to wait for a while to be able to afford. They are so beautiful that I can not wait to share with you.

The beautiful flower shaped design is from Decormarmi, the collection is called Kreoo-Nabhi. I immediately fall in love with the design. Its elegant shape, the nice curve and the zen look material just give the wow effect. I feel the calm, the peace and tranquility from the sink. I think it is also nice to use in the bathroom and kitchen. If you like their design, you can check out more here.

image from homeklondike

image from elle decor

Yes, let’s make our room nice with what we can. Nothing can stop us searching for new ideas for future projects. Let me know your experience of finding nicely designed sink for your place?

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  1. Wow!!! these are the beautiful designs of bathroom.
    I realy like it.

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