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Nice weekend activities to spend with families

image by Ping He

Hi there, it is Monday again. I wish that you all had a wonderful weekend. It was a great weekend here in Amsterdam. The weather was fantastic. It was sun shining and we had a busy week with works and all other wedding parties from friends. So weekend we decide to stay in the town, and try to relax a bit and do something for the house.

1) Get some nice herbs for the balcony. If you have a balcony, I will highly recommend to grow your own herbs. I remembered in the old days, when I had to make some Thai recipes. I could not get basil leaf and coriander in the summer from Albert Heijn. Simply because it is sold out and they don’t have anything in the warehouse. I had to cook with what I had, and the taste is just not what I had in mind. Too bad. Since then on, I always wished to have my own herb corner at home. Now we got two balconies. On one balcony, I grow herbs and small vegetables, and on the other, I grow some flowers. Maybe you can try to do it as well if you love to cook and love flowers.

2) Re-arrange the reading corner in the house. I always like to have a cup of tea after dinner and do some reading on the couch with a warm blanket all over me. I recently have my blog front page with a nice painting called Blowing Bubbles by Cyril Rolando when I wrote article about Beautiful Aqua color for home – inspiration and creation. You can read here., John bought me this artist’s work online after he read my blog. Now in the weekend, I decide to make a place for it.

3) Visit a local garden center to see some nice flowers. It is so relax to walk around the garden center to see some greens and flowers.

All images are photographed by me.

Hope you have more interesting activities this coming weekend. Let’s do something nice with the families.

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