Summer holiday

It is summer in Amsterdam, most of my friends are taking holiday. As a Chinese, I never get used to the idea of taking holidays. I never had experience of taking holidays when I used to living in Shanghai. We only had national holidays, when schools, banks and other business are closed during that period, then we have holidays. But I never took holidays for 1 month or a few weeks. If someone likes to travel abroad or go somewhere else in China, they will probably use the Chinese New Year period to arrange trips. I realized that I live in a country that they have quite a bit of holidays, I need to adapt myself to the culture.

Now I am living in the Netherlands, with all the work load, and my next big season will come up. I will travel intensively from September onwards to visit my clients for Ping Living in the Netherlands and the flower alliance business is growing as well. And I will visit some essential oil suppliers in Europe in September and the end of August. That also will take some of my energy. That’s why I need to adjust a bit with my blog schedule.

Yesterday by chance I stopped by Fa. E.Kramer-Pontifex, it is a very specialized candle shop on Reestraat 18-20, Amsterdam. They are selling my Ping Candles since day one when I started my business. It is a family candle business. Mr. Kramer started the candle shop on negen straatjes (the 9 streets) in 1932, and now his children are running the shop. Every time when I stop by the shop, I get a lot of positive energy from them, the sister Maarge Kramer and two brothers Klaas Kramer and Daan Kramer. They can tell a lot of their experience with essential oil, candle making and clients preference. Yesterday, Daan told me some very interesting tips for my next collection and I realized that I need to do much more than I planned. That’s why I decide to take some days off for myself to prepare my collection. I will be back in full swing after 24 September. From now, I will be only write on blog on Monday,Tuesday and Friday.

Enjoy your holidays and see you on Friday then. I made this card for everyone, it is summery, and wish all enjoy your summer holiday.

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