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The French country style or the city glamor?

image: Ping He

Today I was preparing my trip to France, and I was posting some notes on my facebook that I am learning French to get myself ready for my two weeks staying in Provence. I got a lot of tips about how to learn the language and trips which I can make during my staying there. France has a package of things which I love the most and it continuous to inspire me to work further with fragrance and interior styling.

One of the Interior designers that I follow very closely is Karen Fisher and her company Designer Previews. She is a world leading Interior Designer & Architect Matchmaker for Residential, Commercial & Hospitality Interior Design.
I love the color of this beautiful hallway, and the height of the house and all the material are used in the house. It is simply glamorous.

image: designer previews

when I think about France, there is no match words like luxurious. From its food, architecture to fashion house, everything you can see or touch is full of its luxurious statement. French people have design gene when they are born I think. For them, the luxurious lifestyle is just coming out naturally, they just put things here and there in the house, very casual, but it turns out to be stunning. Look at this beautiful dining space. The fabric, the lighting, the chair are so uniquely matched to each other to set a memorable dining atmosphere. I do not mind to cook a week for guests if I have a dining room like this.

image: my home ideas

I bought a book called French Country Style at Home by Sebastien Siraudeau. He uncovered home inspiration from France’s guesthouses, antique shops, and flea markets in his previous books Vintage French Interiors and French Style at Home. Now he turns his experienced eye to the hidden gems of interior design in the French countryside and unveils the wealth of decorative inspiration they have to offer. Check out his work here
image: linen and lavender
Source: rizzoli

What do you like more? The French country style or the city glamor?

For my own experience, I lived in Shanghai for almost 14 years before I moved to Amsterdam. When I visited Provence for the first time last year, I could not help myself to enjoy the rural France where rustic materials, rich historical objects and its sunny feeling come together. My association of France is not just Paris any more. France is big, each region has its own history, culture and social preferences. I just can not keep my eyes away from these images.

image: linen and lavender

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