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Fresh green and purple wedding theme ideas

image by ping he

Many people have looking for ideas from wedding magazines, or search online for ideas. They are quite a few good blogs which help us to develop our own ideas. But most of them are focus on the wedding photos and there are a few focus on the flowers or favor of the day with specific wedding theme.

Since I lived in the Netherlands for 11 years, and I enjoy quite a lot to visit some of my Dutch or Asian friends’ wedding. Everyone has the uniqueness of its own. One of my close friend is going to get married on 20 October this year. I am so happy for her. I know that she loves green and purple. I wish to give her some tips over tips regarding flowers and favors. I gathered some nice images from everywhere. The first one is the collage in which it is focusing on the table flowers. I love the striking combination of deep purple with lime green. Freshness and modernity are the key from this collage. Some of my friends fall in love with the green pair of shoes, I can see the reason why.

image: weddingsonthefrenchriviera

image via chocolate brides

image via the wedding lens

image via be fashionable style

For the flower choice, if you can arrange the fresh ones, that will be great. If not, you can make some paper cut flowers or flowers made from the textile or feather. It should be cute and fresh look if you are handy yourself. Otherwise, save up some money to visit a good local florist to get some help. For the season in September, you may not have as much green or purple flowers as in the summer, but you can always ask for Cymbidium Alice Anderson, Iris Blue Magic and Tulip Purple Prince.

I know some of you love color themes. What is your favorite one? Or have you been looking for a good source where you can get inspirations for your theme weddings? Share with us.

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