Hand made weekend

I can not believe it that September is already here. When I was riding bike this morning to the station to get to Utrecht Naarjaar Beurs (Autumn Show in the Netherlands), the chilli wind reminds me of November season in Shanghai, when everywhere on the street I can smell the hot chestnut. I always enjoy the first bag of chestnut when I was living there, I hold it tight when it is warm, feel so cozy when opening up the chestnut shell and get the first warm bite. Only this morning I did not smell the familiar chestnut, only a few rain drops instead. But I think I have something to look forward to for the next year.

Last week I had quite a busy week with my ping living new collection as well as managing all the orders and deliveries before my holiday this Sunday, I want to make everything the way I want for this coming season, it will be very exciting when it is done. My new webshop is busy under construction, it will be linked to my other social media sites. And my new fragrance is on the third stage of testing, and is waiting for my new package design. Let’s keep it this way, a big mysterious does no harm, when it is finally ready on the market, I will share some stories here.

I work hard, and play sometimes very hard, I had two birthday parties, one BBQ dinner and one social drink in the weekend. And I had my own cooking workshop on the Sunday afternoon. After I wrote the line above, I figured out why I was so exhausted. The busy weekend started from last Friday evening already.

During last weekend, I made something nice, and I am looking forward to make more things with my hands and mind. And this coming Wednesday I will start my ceramic workshop, I really wish that I can make an eclectic collection of handmade pottery which can bring some joy to everyone’s life. I always miss the style which brings the history to future, something which is decorative as well as functional.

First thing I made before the weekend is my new name card, it was so embarrassing when I worked on my textile collection in AGA a few weeks ago, all the other artist shared with me with their nicely designed name card, I never be able to give them mine. Simply I don’t have one which is made by me. I always want to print out my own and design something that can reflect what I am doing and who I am. I enjoyed every minute of it.

Also for my friend Irene ypenburg’s birthday, I made some candles, cards and hand screen printed table runners. Irene was so excited about it. She is an artist herself. she paints, writes and does all sort of exciting projects. If you are interested in Irene’s work, you can find here. She showed my textile design to all her guests at the party, i am very excited and also a bit embarrassed as well. I don’t want so much attention at her party.

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