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These coming weeks, I am busy with my creation of fragrances for the coming seasons. It has been a very exciting journey for me since the day I started. I learn a lot every day, and it makes me feel good.

Our website has not been updated for a while, John asked me to change some text from the website, so I did. We are busy with the new system, but I can not wait to share it with you. It will be officially online in a month time. But you are the first to see here:

ping candles and ping living™ nature fragrance – a true experience of fragrance, it evokes your feelings and emotions, it is a story behind each creation, it is true appreciation of craftsmanship and modern design techniques.

The ping candles are part of ping living creations. It was founded in 2006 by me (ping he). All these candles are developed with soy wax and a unique formula that is created for its ultimate olfactory satisfaction and keep the environment clearness in the mind. The wax is made up of rapeseed oil, soy wax and other favorable ingredients. The whole creation experience is so designed to create a long last, clean, healthy and satisfactory experience.

The Peace & Tranquility was the first collection started in 2006. This creation contains three unique scents which experience of enjoy a peaceful moment of drinking tea, no matter it is east or west. Peace & Tranquility is a collection of fine fragrances combining aromatherapy concepts with ancient cultural beliefs. Carefully selected fragrances are combined to balance the mind, body and spirit. The range of ping candles is made up of 6 fragrances; and each of the candles infused with two of these fragrances, release a beautiful fragrance due to a 1/10th perfume content and a burn time of nearly 50 hours. They burn 35% longer than normal. They smell so delicious as well.

I believe that smell fragrance at home is transforming your feeling. By applying our olfactory as a medium, we will experience something physically and psychologically. It is something we feel tangible and intangible at the same time. Sometimes this experience brings you back to a few century ago, sometimes it twits to the modern rhythm.

All the ping living fragrances are inspired by my grandma, her beautiful name in Chinese character is “fragrant”, her elegant style and sense of delicate reflect in each step of creation one way or another. Just like ancient natural essential oil, its versatile, its mysterious, its fragile in a way that the scent disappears with accord of evolving of different notes, its strong in a way that the memories carve deeply in our body, mind and spirit even decades later.

Peace & Tranquility -soothing
A velvety smooth fragrance of the most healing elements found in nature. This infusion is essential after a long, stressful day. Basil, used in time-honored remedies, is the scent of pure relaxation, while mint’s stimulating earthy notes inspire intimate moments. Experience this soothing fine fragrance in your home.

Peace & Tranquility – reflect
Enhance a meditative environment and a thoughtful state of mind with the stimulating scent of peace. Green tea, a precious uplifting and seductive scent, combined with verbena’s detoxifying qualities lend an atmosphere of spirituality. Indulge in this fragrance during your moments of reflection.

Peace & Tranquility – harmonize
Create an ambiance of warmth and serenity, while softening your spirits with scents of the tropics. Tea leaf, a haven of purity with origins from sun-drenched Asian fields, revels in its blend with fellow anti-oxidant, papaya fruit. Bring peace and harmony to your home with this fine fragrance.

I hope that you went through a nice little fragrance journey with me. As you know, fragrance no matter for room or body, it helps to bring the moment of memories, let you connect to the inner-world of yourself. Maybe you have some nice experience with home fragrance or scented candles. Let’s share here, tell us what and why you like that experience.

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  1. haha, I made one for you based on the Fougère accord. I know that you will like it. I changed the formula, it smells nice.

  2. So looking forward to smelling your new formulas!

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