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Style your party with lilac or fuchsia?

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Style your party with lilac or fuchsia

Once a while I like to organize a party at home for family and friends. Sometimes it is really a challenge to make sure every details are taking care of from menu, drinks, to table decorations. Sometimes you have certain table decoration ideas, but due to the season, you do not get the right flowers for your ideas, at last minute, you have to change your plan. I had some experience in the past few months when I organize some parties. So I thought why not I made some blog articles about table decoration for parties (it can also apply the ideas for wedding parties for others if they are planning a wedding party). Here born the my first party board- Style your party with lilac or fuchsia?

You may ask why lilac or fuchsia? There are many colors out there to choose such as pink, tangerine, Periwinkle, hot pink, lime, yellow, cream, soft violet, white, capri blue, light navy, aquamarine, brown and shocking pink. Why? Because they are the most popular colors to be used at the party.

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Flowers are the must have at the party. Most of us pay a lot of attention to the table decoration, but do not ignore the corner of the room. I know some people use the candles as decorations on the fireplace. It is a great idea to combine a nice sweet floral balls with the candles. Aren’t they cute? The choice of flowers can be carnations, dahlia, and orchid pink.

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For a nice dinner party, get your nice china out of your closet. Use simple glass vase with colorful flowers and simple linen tablecloth. You have to play with the contrast. Not everything fuchsia or lilac. Flowers can be used such as sweet pea, rhododendron, pink Lily of the Valley flowers, leucospermum or protea.

image via style me pretty

This image is from color me pretty, they also have many more color theme for wedding inspirations. If you are interested in, you can click here to find. I love how they packed candy, the macaron with all different shade of pink colors. For the choice of flowers, you can use syringa or Chamelaucium ‘Lady Stephanie.

When are you going to organize a nice party? Or maybe you already had some great experience, share with us about how you did it.

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