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Two contemporary ceramic designs that I love

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Hi everyone, it has been a very hectic weeks in the past since the day I knew about my mum’s illness. Everything changed. I tried to concentrate, tried to work on something which I can put my mind away from thinking about dealing with the situation. The more I suppressed my feeling, the worse I felt. I was constantly feeling hopeless and weak. I used to be very positive, everything is possible. In the past three weeks, I felt that l aged a lot. I was getting too sensitive about what might happen.

My trip to France was a healing for me, from smelling all the beautiful essential oils I gained tremendous energy. It is not describable in words. I feel that I am empowered again. I think my mum wants to know that I am still ambitious as before, and will not give up all my dreams because of her illness. I was not able to write blogs frequently as before for almost three weeks, due to the trips and my constant inner insecure feeling about everything. Today I am awake at 5:00am, and I am full of energy to do anything to make my life colorful again.

Apology for two things: 1) some of your comments from the facebook to my blog were not there any more, it is not my intention to remove it. We are busy with the pingliving online shop, we changed the new system which can link all the social media to the website. However all the comments from the facebook to my blogs were not able to trace back. We tried different ways to get back, it was not possible. 2) My lack of communication about my blog schedule. Maybe I should inform everyone about my situation in advance. So when you come to the blog page, you know what to expect for the post. Try to improve next time.

All right, let’s get started with our post today. I am busy with my ceramic workshop today, I found some nice ceramic designs that I love to share with you before you go for your weekend.

image via rezalutions

First design I would like to introduce is from Anne Black. I love her contemporary and playful designs. All her designs are using natural materials, and made with dedication to personal and Eco-friendly. Copenhagen-based ceramist Anne Black graduated from Kolding School of Design. I love her clean, classic, minimalist approach to ceramic design. Hope you will enjoy it too.

Second design I love is from Ellen O’Sullivan. Ellen received her undergraduate degree from Hofstra University where she majored in Fine Art, but her interest in ceramics really began with classes she took at Greenwich House Pottery and The 92nd Street Y. She pursued her growing infatuation with clay at the Penland School of Crafts and Alfred University, and eventually received her MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art. (information got from her website)

It is very interesting to read about her discovery of porcelain that I love the most is her explanation of the porcelain art is the tension between its delicacy and strength.

Ellen has exhibited throughout the United States, France, and Germany. She has completed a variety of commissions for private clients and has worked with architects and interior designers. She lives in Brooklyn, New York where she maintains EOS Studio.
image via eos studio


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