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13 favorite tea herbs for home

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Hello everyone, this is Wednesday. I had a very busy day yesterday. Had a surprise visitor for my new fragrance. My friend Katharijne came to visit me and we spent quite a while to go through my newly made perfume. I also made some diffuser oils and some fabulous nature oils for candles. The smell in the room is so divine. We went through some of my bottles and discussed a lot about what future lies for creating perfume with good crafts and bring the perfume back to its glory .

Be honest, I did not get any chance to think about blog yesterday, my mind is full of names of oils, perfume bottles and perfumers. You may probably ask me what is it to do with what your career or your company? I started to learn more and more oils for my ping living (scented candles and room diffusers collection). Knowing what are available on the high end market and what is there on the mass perfume market, it validates what I want to make. Unique, true to the nature and craftsmanship are the key words that come into my mind yesterday, and it is getting stronger and stronger every time I think about it.

This morning, I woke up at 5:40am, maybe my jet-lag is still working on my body. I sat in the living room reading my PERFUMES the A-Z guide written by Luca Turin & Tania Sanchez. I am sure when you google the title of the book, you will find a lot of review about this book. In my opinion, smell perfume is a very personal thing, just like taste a nice dish. I was very surprise that I can find a book with so much honest words, and sometime it makes me laugh when reading through the criticism about some well-established brands. These reviews are very original and learned a lot.

I always start my morning with a nice cup of tea. Today I had jasmine tea I took back from my trip last week. Suddenly I feel like I am in the tea mood. Look for the music which has something to the name of tea. In China, we have a very precious osmanthus silver needle tea, it has slightly fruity and floral smell from osmanthus flowers and it is delicious for any time of the day. I really love the image, it is a CD cover. Isn’t it beautiful. The name of this CD is called The falling of the osmanthus flower. Very sentimental and emotional songs I can imagine.

Time goes very quickly when you really enjoy something, I think you have that kind of experience as well.

专辑名称: 书香音乐世纪典藏系列之七 桂花落
艺术家: 王俊雄
音乐类型: 民乐
发行公司: 亚洲唱片
发行时间: 2007年

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13 favorite tea herbs for home:

Spearmint, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sting Nettle, Chamomile, Sage, Thyme, Fennel, Rose hips, Hibiscus, anything lemon scented (Lemon Balm, Lemon Verbena, Lemongrass)

You can also read a bit more about herbal tea on wikipedia here.



  1. I love any kind of tea and I tried some herbal teas in Shanghai as well, nice and really healthy – and it looks stunning with all the flowers in it. There is a lot of artificially flavoured tea on the market – I hate it.
    Maybe the proper herbal teas are something to introduce to Holland/Europe?

  2. Thank you Claudia for your comments, enjoy your tea time. Hug Ping

  3. Claudia De Kruijff-Gan via Facebook says:

    Thank you for this post. As a tealover I will definitely share your post .

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