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Ideas for the Black & White Wedding Theme

image by ping he

It is Monday, hope you all enjoyed your lovely weekend. I had a wonderful weekend. A great dinner party with my Chinese friends in Maarsen. We ate Chinese Hotpot. It was really cozy. We celebrate my friend Minnie’s birthday actually. She enjoyed the perfume we bought for her, and still got compliment today from her. That’s really sweet to know. Sunday I went with John on the bike to Osdorp Garden Centre. We are always searching some greens for the house. This time we found my favorite Gardenia pot plant. I was so happy with it. It is now standing in our sleep room. Every night we fall asleep with the flower of nostalgia and love. It is actually next to my Jasmine pot. The room is full of my favorite scent. How sweet it is. Sometimes I need to put one pot in the other room in order to have a great appreciation of one smell.

Yesterday a friend of mine was asking me to give her some ideas of White & Black wedding ideas. I think it is quite daring idea, I love that. It is not an easy job to have that theme realized actually. It needs a lot of attention to details. If the color is too black, then the party atmosphere will change to very cold and boring. If it is too white, it will be too plain and has no character. Wow, what a challenge for her.

When I saw this image, the cute design stole my heart. It is simple and playful. The affordable and you can think about a DIY project for your wedding favor. For your guests, they will be adorable gifts. I am sure that this gift will have a wow effect. Enjoy your DIY projects, it will bring a lot of fun to your wedding planning, and if you work out well, it will be a great experience for you and for your guests.

image via wedding window

Many people worried about the invitation. Just keep in mind, that it is supposed to be simple and classic if you have that in mind. Work around the font and pattern. I will highly recommend a letterpress invitation, it brings a lot of character to the invitation.
image via perfect bound

I love flowers, but I will not highly recommend to put all your favorite white flowers at one place on your wedding. Less is more. Choose one or two flower type as main. I love rose, cymbidium, lily of the valley  and Calla Lily. Maybe you have your favorite ones. I love the good balance with colors. If you have a lot of white as your background, use black to highlight. It works for table decoration, the wedding bouquets and the center piece.

image via festival creative

Let’s try out something new, it seems a challenge at the first sight. But do not afraid to try. It brings more excitement to your life. It helps you to be more creative and maybe one day you will be so proud to tell your children that you have your one of a kind wedding theme that you really want. Maybe you love other wedding theme, what is your favorite?

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